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At Toolshed we offer studio hire, bespoke music and sound/video editing from our self contained Soho production house. This also includes a private courtyard, kitchen and eating area creating a professional but relaxed environment for the client to get the most out of their project.

Studio A
We are proud to offer high quality recording, mixing, and location recording from our purpose built modular studios. Studio A is a fully equipped state of the art control room including a Calrec mixing console, API microphone pre amps, Neumann, AKG and Sennheiser microphones, Pro-tools and Logic Audio. It has an isolated booth ideal for voice over and all live recording. The control room and booth are sound treated perfect for all your audio needs.

studio A

Studio B
Studio B is a multi-functional acoustically treated room designed for video editing, audio mixing and recording. The studio is linked to studio A and the sound booth to make every combination of connectivity possible. The room has natural light but also features the option of total blackout to aid grading and colour correction. The flexibility makes it ideal for long and short term dry and equipped hire in which you could edit a long feature, a quick sound mix or any type of playback.

studio B

Location Recording
Toolshed music also have extensive experience in location sound recording, from dialogue and wild track on film sets, fly on the wall documentaries to recording orchestras, cars, animals and anything else you may require. We offer the highest quality boom, radio-mics and hard disk recorders and are used to working in an array of locations including desserts, mountains, beaches, music festivals and hospitals.

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